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  • Acer Aspire 4315
    Intel Celeron 1.73Ghz with 512MB DDR2 and 80GB HDD
  • Acer Aspire 4720
    Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6Ghz with 1024MB DDR2 and 80GB HDD
  • Acer Notebook AS4738-382G50MI,i3380,1* 2G3,BT,6L,WIMAX,BK,W7HP6
  • Acer Travel Mate 3212WXMi Notebook
  • Aluminium Notebook Cooler Pad with 3 fan
  • AquaPAD Web Pad
    Portable Wireless Internet Access Device
  • Armada 100s Charger
  • Armada 100s Li-ion Battery
  • Armada 100s Nimh Battery
  • ASUS Eee PC 1005PE Netbook
  • Asus Eee PC 900
  • Asus Eee PC, 4G with intergrated webcam
  • Asus F80QDX Notebooks / Laptops
  • Asus K40IJ notebook 6600 2.2Ghz
  • Asus K40IJ notebook T4400 2.2Ghz
  • Asus M51Vr24DPM Notebook
  • Asus Notebook A3A16CX Celeron 1.6GHz
  • Asus Notebook A6F16CX (CoreDuo T2050 1.6Ghz)
  • Asus Notebook A6F17DX (CoreDuo T2250 1.73Ghz)
  • Asus Notebook A8he (Duo Core 1.6Ghz)
  • Asus Notebook A8JC173DX (CoreDuo T2250 1.73Ghz)
  • Asus Notebook A8JN166DX (Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66Ghz)
  • Asus Notebook A9RP16CX (Celeron-M 420 1.6Ghz CPU)
  • Asus PDA A730 Car Charger
  • Asus S1300 series (Professional Super Slim Model)
    Cel 1.13Ghz, 128MB SD, 20GB HD & 24x CDROM
  • Asus S13N13DVD Centrino Ultra Slim Notebook
    Intel P-M 1.3Ghz Processor with 256MB RAM and 20GB HD
  • Battery for IBM Thinkpad T41 (T Series)
    Part Number : 08K8193
  • Dell 14R Notebook
  • Dell Inspiron 1525-0402IN
  • Dell Latitude E5400
  • Fujitsu LifeBook LH530
  • Fujitsu Notebook FMV-BIBLO MG/B70 (Black Color)
  • Fujitsu Notebook FMV-BIBLO MG/B70N, B50N (Black Color)
  • Fujitsu Notebook FMV-BIBLO MG/B75 (Black Color)
  • Fujitsu S6520 - T9400
  • Fujitsu S6520 - T9400 - 3.5G
  • Fujitsu Series-S (Portable Series) Made in JAPAN SH560-350
  • Fujitsu Tablet-Convertible Notebook PCs - U Series
  • HP 540 Business Notebook
  • HP Compaq 510 / 515 Notebook - Extended Warranty (up to 3 years on-site)
    Optional Purchase
  • HP Compaq 510 Notebook (SKU107ST81)
  • HP Compaq 510 Notebook (SKU107ST82)
  • HP Compaq 515 Notebook (SKU107ST83)
  • HP Compaq 515 Notebook (SKU107ST84)
  • HP Mini Netbook 210 series
  • IBM Think Pad T43 Notebook (187112A)
  • Itronix XC6000 Rugged Notebook
  • Lenovo 3000 G410 Consumer Notebook
  • Lenovo 3000 G410 Notebook, DP203A Printer + Kingsoft OEM software
  • Lenovo ThinkPad SL400 Notebook (2743-F4A)
  • Lenovo ThinkPad SL400 Notebook (2743-QNA)
  • MIAGE MobileStation
  • Mustek Note CL10 (P4 Mobile 1.7GHz)
  • Muveex Q9L Pentium M1.6Ghz Notebook
  • Muveex Q9L Pentium M1.73Ghz Notebook
  • Notebook Cable Lock (Key)
  • Notebook Cooler Pad with 3 fan
  • Notebook hard disk convertor (2.5 inch HD)
    Use your notebook hard disk on your desktop
  • Philips Tablet PC iPronto TSi6400
    With build-in remote control for TV, VCR & etc
  • Refurbished Notebook Batteries
  • Sepoms D400 - 240D (P4 2.4Ghz with 256MB and 30GB)
  • Sepoms Designote 2700S (13.3 inch)
    Mobile Intel PIII 450MHz Processor
  • Sepoms Designote 2700T (14.1 inch) PIII
    Intel Pentium III 1.0GHz Processor
  • Sepoms Designote 2800T (13.3 inch) PIII
    Intel Pentium III 1.0GHz Processor
  • Sepoms Designote Upgrade
  • Sepoms Hotsell Note 2813
    Intel Celeron 1.1Ghz Processor
  • Serial I/O CompactFlash & PC Cards
  • Storm Note G320A
  • Targa Notebook - Traveller S1 (P4 2.0Ghz with 30GB HD and 256MB)
    14.1 inch TFT, LAN, 56k Modem and CD-RW
  • Toshiba Notebook Satellite L310-P417
  • Toshiba R700-2002U
  • Toshiba Satellite L310-N4016 Notebook
  • Toshiba Satellite M300-A432 Notebook
  • Toshiba Satellite M800-A330 Notebook
  • Travel Mate 432LC Mobile PC (DVD & CD-RW)
    Intel Pentium 4 processor 2.53Ghz
  • Twinhead Efio 121i Combo
    Intel Centrino Mobile 1.5Ghz, CDRW + DVD, 512MB, 40GB HD & Win XP Home
  • Twinhead Efio 141i Combo (Home)
    P4 2.2Ghz, 256MB, 40GB, Combo (DVD), Wifi & Win XP Home
  • Twinhead Efio 141i Combo (Pro)
    P4 2.2Ghz, 256MB, 40GB, Combo (DVD), Wifi & Win XP Pro
  • Twinhead Efio 14AL Series
    Athlon XP 2200+, 256MB RAM, 40GB Hard Disk, DVD+CDRW
  • Twinhead Efio e125A Combo
    Athlon XP 1400+, CD-RW + DVD, 128MB, HDD 30GB, LCD 12 inch

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